Byron Forest Preserve District




Beekeeping Workshop

This months topic will be (Equipment needs and assembly of new equipment. Also, why didn't my bees survive the winter). 


Where :     Jarrett Prairie Center Museum

Time :       2pm.

Fee :        $2 per person

Ages :      8 years and older


These are monthly workshops and you don't have to register to attend. 

Winter Lecture - Corn: How it changed itself and then changed everything else

Join writer and food historian, Cynthia Clampitt to learn about the history of corn. about 10.000 years ago, a weedy grass in Mexico possessed a strange trait known as a "jumping gene" transforming it self into a more useful grass - the cereal grass that we would come to know as maize then corn. Nurtured by prehistoric farmers, this grain would transform the Americas even before the first European contact. 

Where :     Jarrett Prairie Center

Time :      2pm

Fee :       All of our winter lectures are free programs

Ages :      Adults


You don't have to be registered to attend the winter lectures.