Byron Forest Preserve District




Beekeeping Workshop

This months topic will be (Feeding bees and installing packaged bees).


Where :     Jarrett Prairie Center Museum

Time :       2pm.

Fee :        $2 per person

Ages :      8 years and older


These are monthly workshops and you don't have to register to attend. 

Winter Lecture - The Secret Life of Paleo-Indians

Dr. Thomas Loebel, Statewide Cultural Resources Coordinator with the Illinois State Archaeological Survey will present his research regarding Paleo-Indians in Illinois and Wisconsin. North American early Paleo-Indians (circa 12,000 BCE) are perhaps amongst the most highly stereotyped archaeological cultures. They are widely viewed as nomadic hunters of elephants who did little else except produce a remarkable similar style of fluted stone spear point over a vast geographical area. However, hidden within the Paleo-Indian archaeological record is subtle evidence of the social and ritual life of these late ice-age hunter gathers.  By examining large-scale patterns of raw material use, Thomas has identified probable instances of trade, exchange, and the movement of individuals, groups, and artifacts during the Clovis period. These movements reflect both the economic and social adaptions of these groups as they dealt with adjusting to a rapidly changing environment at the end of the last Ice Age.

Where :     Jarrett Prairie Center

Time :      2pm

Fee :       All of our winter lectures are free programs

Ages :      Adults


You don't have to be registered to attend the winter lectures