Byron Forest Preserve District




Winter Lecture - Much More than just the Jarrett Prairie

Russell Brunner, Superintendent of Land Management with the Byron Forest Preserve District, will provide background information and an overview of the natural features of each of the District’s best known and lesser known preserves.  The District owns and manages about 2,000 acres of natural areas divided up amongst nine different preserves that have been protected for the preservation of wildlife and public enjoyment. From several different types of prairie communities to oak savannas, open woodlands and river wetlands, come get a glimpse of the many plant and animal communities and scenic views that can be found within the boundaries of the Byron Forest Preserve District. Russell has been with the District’s Restoration Department since 2003. His duties include invasive species control, prescribed fire, native plantings and all other aspects of restoring and managing the district’s natural areas.

Where :     Jarrett Prairie Center

Time :      2pm

Fee :       All of our winter lectures are free programs

Ages :      Adults


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