Byron Forest Preserve District



5/14/2020 : Homeschool Program - Earthkeepers Immersion

This international program teaches students about the core concepts of ecology, earth science, and environmental education. The four Earthkeepers classes build upon each other with experiential learning about the cycling of air, water, and soil; the flow of energy from the sun to producers and consumers; connections between living things and their environments; and how these cycles and connections change over time. There is also an experience component, and we will have time for sensory hikes, exploration, and journaling.  Each student will receive a bag, training manual, and diary, and will receive actual, working keys as they finish activities. The final component is achieved at home, through making a pledge to change habits in a way that will save energy and use less waste.

Where :   Jarrett Center Museum

Time :    10am - 2pm.

Fee :     $5 per child

Age :  6 - 14 years old

Min/Max :   5/25


Your child must be register to attend this class.