Byron Forest Preserve District



7/11/2020 : Archaeology Artifacts ID Day

Talk to professional archaeologists about your own collection of points, prehistoric tools, pottery shards, fossils, animal bones and other items that you have found and are curious about. If you don’t have any items of your own to identify, be sure to stop in any way to see these artifacts and live demonstrations. Learn more about prehistoric tools and weapons through hands-on demonstrations at this interactive event. There will be special ongoing demonstrations of arrowhead and spearhead making techniques by nationally known flintknapper Larry Kinsella.  Larry has been teaching flintknapping for 35 years.  He will provide all materials and safety equipment to teach beginning flintknapping, the art of making stone tools from flint.

Where :    North Shelter

Time :    10am

Fee :    Free program

Ages :    All are welcome!


You don't have to register for this program.