Byron Forest Preserve District



June 2017

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123Summer Morning Wildflowers ID Walk | Nachusa Grassland Bison Herd Tour
4Bumble Bees Native Pollinators5Summer Camp Week # 1 - Four Square6Cheerleading & Tumbling Camp T/TH | Adventure Club # 1 T/TH AM or PM.78910
11Beekeeping Workshop | Summer Concert 'Vintage 66'12Summer Camp Week # 2 - GRounded13Adventure Club # 2 T/TH AM or PM.14151617Meet John Deere - Discussion of the History & Future of Agriculture
18Summer Concert 'Dan Hagemann'19Summer Camp Week # 3 - Circuits20Adventure Club # 3 T/TH AM or PM.21Evening Wildflower Walk22Intro to Phonics Camp T/TH23Nardi at Night - Binocular Astronomy24Canoe Tours of the Rock River to Castle State Park | Guided Bird Walk 'Jarrett Prairie Nature Preserve'
25Summer Concert "Patchouli"26Summer Camp Week # 4 - Color Me27Adventure Club # 4 T/TH AM or PM.282930

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