Byron Forest Preserve District



February 2019

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1Cross Country Skiing2Groundhog Day Animal Tracking | Free Public Sky Viewing
34Fall 2019 Preschool Registration for Current Students567Cross Country Skiing8Cross Country Skiing9Evening Cross Country Skiing | Free Public Sky Viewing
10Beekeeping Workshop | Winter Lecture - Corn: How it changed itself and then changed everything else11Fall 2019 Preschool Registration for Byron Residents121314Homeschool Program - Five Senses/Touch15Homeschool Program - Five Senses/Touch16Free Public Sky Viewing | Winter Night Hike
17Winter Lecture - Restoring Soil Habitats to Rebuild Biodiversity and Prairie Ecosystems1819Fall 2019 Preschool Open Registration2021Cross Country Skiing22Cross Country Skiing23Evening Cross Country Skiing | Free Public Sky Viewing
24Winter Lecture - Much More than just the Jarrett Prairie25262728Cross Country Skiing

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