Byron Forest Preserve District



Staff Directory


Todd Tucker

Executive Director
815-234-8535 ext. 222
E-mail Todd Tucker

Michelle Gerke, CPRP

Administrative Services Coordinator
815-234-8535 ext. 224
E-mail Michelle Gerke

Shawn McCammond

Supt. of Finance / HR.
815-234-8535 ext. 204
E-mail Shawn McCammond

Raul Leon

Receptionist / Facility Manager
815-234-8535 ext. 200
E-mail Raul Leon

Eric Muzzarelli

Building Supervisor

Michael Daleiden

Building Supervisor

Bill Free

Building Supervisor

Steve Keene

Building Supervisor

Ruth Gibson

815-234-8535 ext. 214


Mark Herman

Education Superintendent
815-234-8535 x217
E-mail Mark Herman

Janet Dahlberg

Asst. Supt. of Education
815-234-8535 ext. 232
E-mail Janet Dahlberg

Crystal Prue

Preschool Teacher
815-234-8535 x205
E-mail Crystal Prue

Crystal Ashelford

Preschool Assistant
815-234-8535 ext. 203

Vicki Funke

Observatory / Field Trip Guide
815-234-8535 ext. 203

Tara Linhart

Preschool Assistant
815-234-8535 x203

PrairieView Golf Club

Andy Gramer

PGA Professional
E-mail Andy Gramer

Saro Costa

Food & Beverage Manager
E-mail Saro Costa

Matt Henkel

Superintendent of Golf Maintenance
815-234-8535 ext. 211
E-mail Matt Henkel

Terry Minard

Golf Maint. Laborer

Restoration / Maintenance

Russell Brunner

Supt. of Restoration/Maintenance
815-234-8535 ext. 219
E-mail Russell Brunner

Austin Webb

Asst. Supt. of Restoration/Maintenance
815-234-8535 x221
E-mail Austin Webb

Lauren Marks

Restoration Technician
815-234-8535 x221
E-mail Lauren Marks

Tim McDaniel

Mechanic/Building & Grounds Laborer
815-234-8535 ext. 210
E-mail Tim McDaniel

Don Hayenga

Capital Project Laborer