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Winter Lecture - Restoring Soil Habitats to Rebuild Biodiversity and Prairie Ecosystems

Dr. Elizabeth Bach, The Nature Conservancy’s Nachusa Grasslands Ecosystem Restoration Scientist, will discuss the importance of understanding soil biodiversity.  People and the planet face several environmental challenges now and in the near future. Soil biodiversity is foundational to ecosystem services and functions. Soils help with carbon and nitrogen cycling, water filtering and storage, wildlife habitat, and climate change mitigation. Yet, soil biodiversity is rarely considered explicitly in land management approaches to improve ecosystem functioning.  In her talk, Elizabeth will share how soil micro-habitats and microbial communities contribute to ecosystem restoration in the tallgrass prairie region, and how that fits into the larger picture of sustaining nature for future generations.

Where :     Jarrett Prairie Center

Time :      2pm

Fee :       All of our winter lectures are free programs

Ages :      Adults


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