Howard Colman Hall Creek Preserve

At 320 acres, Howard Colman Hall Creek Preserve lies in the most Northeastern area of the Byron Forest Preserve District and Ogle County.  The meander of Hall Creek and flowage of spring water found on the property have carved out bluffs and exposed dolomite cliffs over the course of time. Rolling, restored prairie gives way to an open canopy of majestic oaks gathered among the creekside hills.  Ephemeral (short-lived) flowers blanket the woodland understory in springtime, and a parade of songbirds can be heard tuning their voices in the branches overhead.  Even the chilling grip of winter can’t detract from the beauty of sparkling icicles draped over the cliffs beside Hall Creek. Crossing in either direction, a decommissioned iron bridge has found new purpose in granting visitors unhindered passage to an immersive experience with nature. Come and enjoy the inspiring wilderness awaiting you at Howard Colman Hall Creek Preserve.  Dogs and other domesticated pets are not allowed at this preserve.

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