Ogle Natural Areas Alliance

Who We Are

Organized in 2021, the Ogle Natural Areas Alliance is dedicated to helping people and organizations establish their conservation legacy and providing opportunities for those who appreciate the sustainability and resiliency of our local natural areas.


What We Do

The Ogle Natural Areas Alliance is a non-profit public organization designed to benefit the Byron Forest Preserve and other local public land holding agencies through charity, stewardship and education.


Friends of Our Preserves

Dedicated to Public Lands

Our founding members have deep roots in public service while protecting lands and waters for the public to enjoy.  The Ogle Natural Areas Alliance was created to work directly with the Byron Forest Preserve District and other local public land holding agencies.  It is our vision to leverage established relationships and years of experience to make sure your gift and legacy is relished for years to come.


Your Conservation Legacy

Created by you.  Natural forever.

The Ogle Natural Areas Alliance is here to turn your donation into a bounty that that will be enjoyed forever.  Whether its a small cash gift or a large parcel of land, the Alliance is able to stand up for a cause you believe in through our beneficiary programs that is dedicated to the conservation of our local natural areas.  You can also be an integral part of our future by including a charitable gift within your will or overall estate and financial plans.  Truly an easy and effective way to leave your conservation legacy.  With a little planning, you can help us maintain and expand our natural area protection reach, public awareness to stewardship practices, and our education advocacy.

For more information or to donate today, please go to https://www.oglenaturalareasalliance.org.