Geocaching is a fun, gps-based activity in which you hunt for a hidden container. Geocaches, or caches, contain a log book for you to sign, and larger ones may contain items to trade, called “swag.” There are 41 geocaches on Byron Forest Preserve properties; most are beginner and family-friendly. Download the geocaching app to begin! After you create an account, you will see icons on the map showing the geocaches in the area. New and free accounts will only be allowed to seek beginner caches that are less challenging. Select a cache, and you will see a popup with the name, distance from you, the difficulty of the hide, and the difficulty of the hike. Tap again, and you will see the cache details, such as the description, hints, and when it was last found, as well as a button to “navigate.” Switch to the compass view, and you’re on your way!  When you find the geocache, sign the log book, trade swag if you want to, and log the find online. Be sure to close the container and put it right back where you found it. Then move on to the next one!

Geocaching is available as a Scout Badge Workshop, family field trip, or home school program.

If you are a cacher who would like to hide geocaches on our preserves, please have your proposed location(s) approved to avoid ecologically sensitive areas. Please avoid areas marked as Illinois Nature Preserves. Geocaches placed without permission may be removed by forest preserve staff.