Byron Forest Preserve District



2018 Summer Activities for Ages 3-6


Adventure Club

Adventure Club is a place for children to interact and play in a safe and caring environment over the summer break.  Our schedule allows for free play and structured activities indoors and outdoors.
 Where:     Keller Education Center (near Jarrett Prairie Center)
Days:       Tuesday & Thursday
Dates:      Week #7 - July 24 & 26     Week #8 - July 31 & August 2
Time:        9 - 11 am
Cost:        $20 / child / week
Register by the Thursday before each session begins.


Themed Clubs


Back to School Boot Camp

This camp is designed to get your soon-to-be preschooler, preschooler, or soon-to-be kindergartener back into the swing of things for the school year.  We will follow a school schedule, review colors, shapes, numbers, letter sounds, and handwriting.  They will get excited to go back to school!!
Where:      Keller Education Center                                  Time:      Noon - 2 pm
Days:   Tuesdays & Thursdays                                   Cost:      $40 / child
Dates:   July 24, 26, 31, & Aug. 2                                 Register by July 20.




Get your kids ready for kindergarten by enrolling them in our structured preschool classes.  Byron Forest Preserve District Preschool activities will provide for and assist in your child’s social and emotional development and will include kindergarten readiness skills.  Preschool can provide an invaluable experience for children by dealing with groups of children their own age, learning to share and play together and to respond to loving adults other than their parents.  There are periods of free play when they pursue activities in which they are most interested, story time to learn to listen attentively and enjoy stories, periods of physical activity, and an introduction to the alphabet and numbers. Songs, games, and finger plays are also taught.  Nature study and outdoor activities are included in the curriculum as well.

The Tuesday/Thursday classes are geared toward 3 year-olds and younger 4 year-olds and the Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes are geared toward 4 year-olds and younger 5 year-olds.  Children must be at least 4 years old to attend the three-day class.  They must be at least 3 years old to attend the two-day class.  Children must be potty trained. Immunization records are required.  You may register your child at anytime throughout the year if your child’s birthday is later in the year.

If you have any questions about the curriculum or if you would like to see the classrooms and meet the teacher, please contact Crystal Frisk at or 815-234-8535 ext. 205.

All registered students and parents/guardians for the 2018-2019 school year are welcome to attend Meet the Teachers Night on Thursday, August 23rd, 5:30-6:15pm for the Tuesday/Thursday students and 6:15-7pm for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday students. 

First day of class for the 2018-2019 school year is Monday, August 27th for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday students and Tuesday, August 28th for the Tuesday/Thursday students.